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If you're after some of the best freely available DIY Projects and Building Plans available anywhere on the net then you've definitely come to the right place. From Woodworking Projects to Metal Projects we're sure you'll find all the diy and hobby projects you'll ever need.

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Having worked on cool home projects and model plans during our youth we know the pleasure and joy that a good old home project can bring. Whether between father and son or simply between friends and colleagues building projects with your own hands can offer hours and hours of fun and satisfaction.

It's a hobby that never goes out of style and for this reason alone all the plans on this site are free so that people can keep enjoying the charm of woodworking and building for generations to come.

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We hope you enjoy the site and are able to make use of the many plans available here. We do our best to list plans as and when we come across them which has become more of a passion now than anything else.

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